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Tips and tricks for outdoor wedding reception at a villa wedding

Tips and tricks for outdoor wedding reception at a villa wedding

Unique and interesting, of course, if you see a well-planned outdoor wedding. Especially if the location chosen has been decorated with the natural charm of the heavenly island of Bali. Spectacular views, the right setting, and the presence of loved ones will complement the reception at a  wedding villa Bali. If you are interested, try the following tips and tricks.

Tips and tricks for planning an outdoor wedding reception in Bali

1. Select the appropriate menu for the outdoors

The food and beverage menu will give its own impression. In this case, make sure the menu selected is in accordance with the weather conditions. Bali tends to have hot weather, so fresh drinks like ice cream and coconut water can be an option. You also have to be more careful in choosing food. Make sure the catering is easy to eat and also doesn't spoil the atmosphere.

2. Utilizing Nature

Because in Bali, then make the best use of nature. Beautiful views of white sand beaches, high cliffs, and green forests can be used as photo backgrounds. Avoid using a closed tent, but decorate the tent to suit the theme and environment. You can also consult with the manager to make the proper marriage altar setting.

3. Give Clear Information To Invited Guests

Underline that not all guests will always be happy with an outdoor Bali villa wedding setting. There may be guests with disabilities, so make additional plans to make her happy at the reception. Likewise with the elderly guests. Because you get tired and hot easily, prepare a special location for resting.

Clear information is also related to choosing the right costume. You can tell about the theme and also the location to be used. So they can choose the right clothes and not be out of place. It's possible to wear casual clothes to keep it from getting too hot.

4. Check Weather Forecast Carefully

Weather forecast determines the success of outdoor receptions. Make sure the temperature and weather on the D day is as planned. This is where you can compile a backup plan and information. If the weather is cloudy and there is a potential for rain, you can switch to the indoor reception well in advance.

5. Provide a location for shelter

Balinese wedding villas will generally have an outdoor wedding venue. But that doesn't mean your options are limited by that alone. Discuss the possible needs for a tent. The tent can be a location for shelter when the sun is hot, or when a sudden drizzle of rain comes.

It could be said that not everyone has to do an outdoor wedding reception. Of course there are many other options that can be used. However, for those of you who are married in a Bali villa, it would be a shame if you don't use the beautiful nature. To support all the needs for these tips, you can contact The Surga villa on the hill of the Uluwatu Peninsula.


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